This article is for newbies who just started earning, and for those who want to start investing or start financial planning.

Essentials 4 Steps

Step #1: Invest in Health insurance

Please ensure you have a minimum of 5 Lakhs Policy

If you are self-employed then, health insurance is compulsory.

In case you are covered by a group health insurance policy through your Company, ensure you have at least 5 Lakhs coverage. If you are falling short, It is strongly recommended to take a personal policy.

Step #2: Prepare an Emergency Fund

Prepare an emergency fund of 6 times your monthly salary.

Set aside…

Imperative programming: is like HOW you do something

Declarative programming: is more like WHAT you do.

Examples of Imperative vs Declarative

  1. Imperative approach: “I see that table located under the Gone Fishin’ sign is empty. My husband and I are going to walk over there and sit down.” Declarative approach: “Table for two, please.”
  2. I’m right next to Wal-Mart. How do I get to your house from here?

→ Imperative response: Go out of the north exit of the parking lot and take a left. Get on I-15 North until you get to the 12th street exit. Take a right…

Please read (google doc). (Medium was not retaining the rich formatting I had in google doc so left the content in google doc itself and provided the link to that. Also provided a snapshot of my learning from the google doc to help check if the style of my summary suits you for further reading)

I learned Kafka from the following two links &; and during that process, I tried to summarize my learnings and that’s how the linked but I have tried to summarize my understanding in the linked google doc. HTH

Topics discussed: Records, Topics…


To autogenerate main method, type “psvm”, and click TAB

When a message is re-queued, RMQ attempts to place it at its original position in its queue.

It may not always succeed in doing so due to concurrent deliveries and acknowledgments from other consumers (when multiple consumers share a queue). In such cases, the message will be re-queued to a position closer to queue head.

References |

The Saga

When I had an idea, I often get excited and start talking about it with my colleagues and/or friends and/or family.

The next time they ask me about the idea, I use to tell them that “I was researching and planning”, or “ going to work on this week” etc.,

As time goes by, I noticed I never started anything, and am repeating the same answer.

Why is that? Why is it so hard to carry out the idea we have?

1. We do not set up a routine for Side Project

  • Side projects can take up a tremendous amount of time.
  • Assuming you’ll just somehow find the time is wishful…

Terminal 0

terminal 0 $ sudo vim /etc/mongod.conf

Check the last section of the file. Make the following changes:

# in replicated mongo databases, specify the replica set name here
# maximum size in megabytes for replication operation log

Terminal 1

terminal 1 $ sudo mongod — replSet rs0 — port 27017 — dbpath /srv/mongodb/rs0–0 — smallfiles

Terminal 2

terminal 2 $ sudo mongod — replSet rs0 — port 27018 — dbpath /srv/mongodb/rs0–1 — smallfiles

Terminal 3

terminal 3 $ sudo mongod — replSet rs0 — port 27019 — dbpath /srv/mongodb/rs0–2 — smallfiles

Terminal 4

terminal 4 $…

I was reading, and came across the various facets used to write summary was comprehensive. Added some more to the list, and came up with below set. I felt there are a similar list of aspects to be thought out while designing new systems as well.

  • Feature set (plus possible next set of improvements)
  • Analytics, Metrics & SLAs
  • APIs
  • Data Modeling
  • Architecture (Load balancers, messaging queues, webservers, Datastores,)
  • Quality of data (richness, spam, PII)
  • Ease of scaling
  • i18n
  • Security
  • Accessibility

Quite often I would like to have a my log file on tail, a terminal for git-ting my code, and another terminal to re-run my deploy locally.

I picked up tmux.

Most wanted functionality was splitting the window into (vertical and horizontal panes), and navigating between panes, and scrolling in a pane.

// To open a terminal controlled by tmux
$ tmux
// To enable vertical scrolling in a pane
CTRL+b (release both keys), :, (type) setw -g mode-mouse on
// To copy some content
Use SHIFT key
// To split into vertical panes
CTRL+b (release both keys), %
// To split into horizontal panes
CTRL+b (release both keys), "
// To navigate between panes
CTRL+b (release both keys), ARROW_KEY


Convert start time and end time of the snippet of the video you are interested into seconds.

If I want to crop the video between 10:35 and 20:55 of this YT video:

URL I need to prepare is



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